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5: Elaria - Part Eleven

Felanar blushed after he said that for everyone was staring at him with smiles and he felt it was perhaps a childish thing to say to such important people. Heléste laughed softly and said, “And we would love to meet her, Felanar. Please tell her she is welcome to visit any time she pleases.”

After the meal was finished with a dessert of fruit in a glaze that glistened in the light (and on closer inspection actually glistened independently of the light), Alessa showed Felanar around their home. He felt more comfortable in her presence now. She had a true kindness to her spirit and made him feel welcome and special. By the time they all went to bed he felt he had made a good friend.

Bren and Felanar found beds waiting for them in one of the guest rooms on the next level up the tree. Llafáris and Dalonír stayed up talking with each other, as they seemed to be close friends. Ravesfel continued speaking with Llarand deep into the night.

“This boy seems as you described, Ravesfel, my friend,” said Llarand as he reached for his cup. They were still seated around the table, and only Heléste was with them now.

“Yes,” replied Ravesfel, “I am pleased with his progress thus far. I am more pleased that word of his training seems to have escaped notice in the capital. This is a tricky business.”

“It has ever been thus,” said Llarand who then changed his tone slightly. “I’m sorry you left the girl at home, Kara was the name?”

“Yes, Kara, and she’s doing well too, according to Bren, but she is hardly the focus of my efforts.”

“You should consider her more, I would think, given the fragility of men.”

Ravesfel looked at the elf lord for a moment and replied, “It is not the way of these people. Women have a different place. Would you have Alessa stand in Dalonír’s stead? I think even the Laráin understand such limitations”

“Limitations of age,” said Heléste, “not of gender. Alessa is but a child. I would not allow such things for a child.”

“And I do not have such expectations for Kara,” said Ravesfel, “for she is even more a child than Alessa.”

“Yet our hopes do rest on a child nevertheless,” responded Llarand thoughtfully.

Ravesfel said nothing but took another sip of his drink and then announced he was going to sleep, excusing himself from the table.

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