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5: Elaria - Part Fifteen

“Come, let us continue our walk for it is a fine morning.” Dalonír seeing the look in his sister’s eyes beckoned them to continue. As they strolled onward, Dalonír turned to Felanar and said, “All that Alessa said is true, but to answer your other question, there really is not much of a difference between elf and man, despite my teasing. We live far longer, and we understand the world and live in harmony with it and it with us. We have a longer memory, but alas it is most used for happier times and wistful wishes. Sometimes I admire men, to be honest.”

“You do?” asked Felanar in wonder. “What do you admire?”

“Their energy, Felanar. Shorter life seems to energize your race and put urgency in your step. Would that it was so among our peoples, but alas erendwr, merendwr as it is said in our tongue – ‘old water, old pool’. It is hard to make an aged person see the need to flow in new directions.”

As Felanar pondered this, his eye caught movement above his head and he watched in amazement as a hawk flew down from a clearing in the trees and settled upon Alessa’s outstretched arm. Instead of surprise, her face showed recognition and delight. She turned her head to face the bird and began speaking to it quietly in what sounded to Felanar as nothing more than bird calls. The hawk cocked its head, as if it were trying to catch every word, then squawked back and flew up toward the clearing and sailed off into the morning air.

Alessa turned to Felanar. “He likes you.”

“Who likes me? The hawk?”

“Yes, of course the hawk: Tassair, a good friend of mine. He saw us walking along and wanted to know who the stranger is. I explained, and he said you have a good look and that he approved of my friendship with you. That is high praise from Tassair for he tends to withhold judgment until he is sure of someone.”

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