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5: Elaria - Part Nine

Dalonír smiled and Alessa laughed warmly and replied, “Such is always the way with men. Short lives necessitate an interest in time. I’ve not had much dealings with your kind, but every time I have the subject of age has arisen. Still, I must not be harsh for indeed I raised the subject this time, didn’t I? Tell me, Felanar, how old would you guess I am?”

As this was the very puzzle Felanar was hopelessly trying to work out, he had no idea what to answer. Would it be insulting to guess high, or might an elf find this flattering? Truly, it did not matter at that moment for he didn’t know where to begin. Seeing the look in his eyes, Alessa rescued the boy.

“We do not count the days in the same manner as men who use the sun to determine years and months. For us, it is the seasons that matter most. We note each change in season as something to be commemorated and cherished, and so we like to say we have seen a certain number of seasons. Dalonír, my brother, has seen eight hundred and twenty seasons in his life. For myself, I’ve seen but one hundred and seven.”

If Felanar wondered before, he now marveled. If he understood correctly, she was saying that her brother was 205 years old and she was almost twenty-seven. That age difference was, to him, extreme, and yet they appeared the same age.

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