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5: Elaria - Part Nineteen

Felanar blushed and said to Llarand, “I did not mean to offend, but it is how I’ve been trained since childhood. When a High Man is in our village we all defer to him. So when I’m before you, someone as old as the Straits–“

“As old as what?” interrupted Llarand with a laugh. “Who has been telling you this?”

“Oh, it was an expression I used with the boy, Llarand, but it would seem he took it literally.” Ravesfel turned toward Felanar and continued, “He is not literally that old, boy. Elves are not immortal, after all, and though they live for thousands of years, they do leave this world eventually. I recall Llarand’s father, for instance, when I first arrived. Erastan was his name, and as noble a Llaráin as I’ve ever known. A warrior was he, and leader of men. He inspired courage in those around him. It was a sad day when he passed on.”

Llarand picked up the narrative, “So you see, Felanar, we may live long but we do not live longer than the Straits. That was here when my father arrived and it will be here when I am long gone and Dalonír is ruling in my place.”

They talked all morning until Heléste interrupted with news of lunch and they all strolled over to the banquet table where Dalonír, Alessa, and Bren were already seated. Llafáris was not there, Felanar noticed, but another elf was. Like Dalonír, he was blond with blue eyes, slender in form and feature, though not as tall. Both Alessa and Dalonír were as tall as their father and almost as tall as Bren. This new elf was introduced as Aren, another Knight of the Order of Findára, and a friend to Alessa.

During lunch Felanar asked about the Knighthood, and what purpose a military unit served in this land.

“In this land, nothing,” said Dalonír, “for we have no enemies here.”

Aren spoke up, “That is so, but our borders need watching. It is in the Elven Plain where our services are most needed. We have a truce in place with the western men, but they are untrustworthy souls and would attack our land if given the chance. Thus it is that long ago it was said that no man may walk on the Elven Plain and live, save he be a friend of the Llaráin. It is the Knights who see to it that this rule lives on.”

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