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5: Elaria - Part Ten

“Tell us, young man,” came the deep voice of Llarand from the end of the table as he now interrupted, “as this is your first visit to Elaria, what are your impressions? Has Ravesfel told you tales of the terrible elves and their mystical ways?” In saying this, Llarand smiled and tried to put the boy at ease.

Felanar focused on the older elf and wondered just how many seasons one has to witness to be as old as the Straits.

“I like it very much, sir. I mean to say it is very beautiful here. I would love to have a tree house like this!”

Everyone laughed at this boyish wish. He continued, “Everyone has been very nice to me, sir.”

“It cheers my heart to hear it,” said Llarand. “I would not have it said that the Findára and Erenár are inhospitable to our friends. There are too many dangers in this world today and we need our friends.”

Ravesfel spoke up and said, “Indeed we do and especially such friends who serve such excellent food. A bit more of the drink, if you please.”

Bren seconded the notion and the two of them seemed engrossed in the meal as Llarand asked Felanar about Brindledown and his family.

“Who are your parents, Felanar?”

“Chafrar and Sera, sir. He is a fisherman in the village.”

“Are they both from Brindledown?” asked Llarand.

“My father is, but my mother is from up north, near Brinham. Do you know Brinham?”

“Yes,” said the elf lord, “I have seen it though not for many seasons now. A busy harbor town for the region, is it not, assuming you do not mean the town of the same name in the west? I’m surprised to hear that your mother came from there and your father from Brindledown. Not many travelers make that journey these days.”

“My father had relations in Brinham and when visiting them once he met my mother.”

“I see, and do you have brothers or sisters?”

“One of each, sir, Alak and Kara. I wish Kara could have come on this journey. She so wanted to meet elves!”

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