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5: Elaria - Part Thirteen

In other respects also Felanar noticed the difference between men and elves. They could easily identify any mixture of scents in the air, even when a sudden puffy gust of breeze brought with it a kaleidoscope of new scents. Also sounds that were too faint for Felanar’s ears were picked up by the brother and sister.

“Alessa,” began Felanar, for he was beginning to feel very comfortable with her now and dared to ask anything that came to his mind, “how different are elves from men? You look almost the same but I see so many differences. Well, little differences, if you know what I mean.”

“Like the way you tramp around the forest scaring the birds?” Dalonír interrupted with a smile.

“Well, yes, even like that. I mean, you can walk and not make a sound. How is that possible?”

Alessa stopped walking and turned to the boy. “Felanar, don’t let my brother discourage you. You are doing very well in not making sounds despite his rude remarks.”

“Very well indeed, for a man.” Dalonír seemed to take delight in reminding Felanar that he was not an elf.

“Yes, brother, for a man he is exceptional, I think you mean to say.” Her face showed annoyance while her brother’s showed mirth, but not for long. With a withering gaze from his sister, Dalonír backed down. “I mean nothing but humor, Felanar, do not take offense.”

“I do not take offense, Dalonír. I am aware of my limitations compared with elves, and I will have a lot to tell my sister when I get back. But I would like to know why you are so different.” This last he addressed to the more sympathetic Alessa. She smiled and answered his question.

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