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5: Elaria - Part Three

By now Bren and Ravesfel had made the climb, Ravesfel complaining under his breath about elven architecture. Llafáris then pulled up the vine and invited all of them to sit at the table while he served supper. This consisted of fruits, nuts and more of the delicious elven bread. To drink there was a juice of some fruit unknown to Felanar. It was green, bright green, and cool and very smooth, with an intensely fruity taste. Felanar decided if this was typical of what their food was going to be like he would be quite fond of elven food.

As they ate, he was able to examine Llafáris up close, without feeling self-conscious. He appeared to be a very young elf. His blond hair and eyebrows and fair complexion contrasted with his dark green jerkin. Felanar again noticed his eyes had an inner light, though this still could be attributed to an outside source, the candles. His build was slender and not muscular, yet he had climbed that tree without the slightest hesitation. Bren was well-built and didn’t have any trouble pulling himself up the vine, but even he caught his breath at the top. Llafáris seemed not to have noticed the climb at all.

With supper finished, they sat around the table and Ravesfel sighed contentedly. He and Bren both lit pipes and the aroma of tobacco filled the air. This seemed to mildly annoy the elf who commented that the air of Elaria was pleasant enough on its own. The men seemed not to notice.

Felanar was now quite tired and went to bed, with Bren following soon afterward. Ravesfel and Llafáris talked together for a while. Soon Felanar was asleep on the soft bed, where he slept soundly all night, remembering none of his dreams, though it did seem that he dreamed often and always with a pleasant feeling. He woke up momentarily early in the morning and briefly looked around the room in the dim light that streamed through the leaves. He saw Llafáris sitting in his chair and was startled at first for the elf had his eyes open and was staring at him. He was about to say something when he realized that the elf was actually not staring at him or anything else, but was actually asleep. Or seemed to be. Or wasn’t. It was confusing to the boy and he fell back to sleep wondering about the ways of the elves.

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