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5: Elaria - Part Twelve

The next morning, Felanar was awakened by Dalonír. He and Alessa were going for a morning walk and wondered if Felanar would join them. Felanar glanced over at Bren who was still sleeping soundly with his left arm lying across his forehead. Ravesfel seemed restless in his sleep and turned and mumbled softly and then began snoring again.

“It will be all right, Felanar,” said Alessa softly as she now approached and stood by her brother’s side. “They will not mind you joining us. Father said he had business with them this morning so they will be quite busy enough without needing to entertain you.”

Felanar quietly got up and followed the two of them down a hallway to an opening in the wooden floor. There were ropes stationed there and Dalonír indicated that Felanar was to use them to get down. As the boy did so, clinging tightly, Alessa and Dalonír deftly scampered down the trunk of the tree itself. They were waiting for him when he finally made it to the ground, Dalonír whispering to Alessa about clumsy men and Alessa giving him a sharp look. But both smiled warmly at Felanar when he looked over at them inquisitively.

They beckoned him to follow as they strolled away from the base of the tree. It was early morning and the sun peeked through the canopy of leaves overhead. Birds chirped cheerily and flitted about from branch to branch. Foxes and hedgehogs rambled over the roots and through the bushes without any sign of fear of the passing elves. The air had a scent as if a rainstorm had just ended, though no rain had fallen recently. Dalonír walked with a bounce in his step as one who was glad to be alive and in those surroundings. Alessa walked with a quiet calmness and fluidity and, Felanar noticed, made absolutely no sound whatsoever, no matter which terrain they encountered. Try as he might, he could not duplicate this feat except on the softest mossy ground, and even then a stray twig would give him away.

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