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5: Elaria - Part Twenty

You mean if I was alone on this trip, without Ravesfel and Bren, you would have killed me when I reached the Plain?” Felanar seemed concerned to find that some of his and Kara’s fears about the ruthlessness of elves were not unfounded rumors.

“Yes, young master, it is even so. We would have to slay you in your tracks.” In so saying, Aren’s face seemed fierce, until his mouth slowly turned upward into a grin.

Alessa broke in. “What sort of impression would you give our guest? That the Findára are a cruel, bloodthirsty people?” She turned toward the boy. “Felanar, pay them no heed. You would not have been killed, for even a Knight can tell the difference between an innocent boy of Brindledown and a western man intent on evil. You would have been escorted safely to Elaria where your story could have been told. And this was before we came to know you. I think it safe to say you are a friend of the elves now and can pass through our lands as you will.”

Llarand nodded his head and said, “Yes, Felanar, I do grant you this status and I name you Friend of the Llaráin. You are free to come and go in all our realms and turn to us in time of need. Let not Aren’s harsh words scare you, for he is merely showing off his new duties. He is young and impetuous and had only just been made a Knight of the Order and it sometimes impresses him overmuch.”

Felanar didn’t notice Aren’s face turning red for he was still marveling at what Llarand had just said. He was a friend of the elves! What would Kara say to this? He enjoyed the thought and felt truly at ease in Llarand’s home. He smiled at Alessa, enjoying the way she looked after him.

A few more days were spent in Elaria. Other elves were introduced to Felanar, and he spoke more with Llarand about his life and family and training and goals. Much of his time was spent with Llarand’s children, mostly with Alessa, for Dalonír had to meet with a contingent of Knights that had arrived up from patrolling the Plain. That suited Felanar for he enjoyed his time with Alessa, and he spent much of it practicing his animal tongues. By the time they were to depart, he could actually make himself reasonably well understood to a few animals, and even thought he caught the meaning in one of Tassair’s squawks, but he wasn’t sure.

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