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5: Elaria - Part Twenty-Four

Dalonír shook his hand in the manner of men and said he was a good Man and was glad to have met him. Felanar bowed toward him as well and said he was honored to know such a noble elf. He then turned toward Alessa and was about to bow toward her when she interrupted him and said, “Never mind the bow or I shall think we have not become the friends we are. Here, I wish to give this to you.”

She handed Felanar a small package, wrapped in a large green leaf and tied together with a thin vine. “In this package you will find a small, carved horn. It is not an ordinary horn, however. When you blow it, you will not hear a thing, nor will your companions or your enemies. An elf will hear it, though, and will hear it at a great distance. Any elf hearing this will respond instantly, for he will recognize the ancient horn of our peoples and will know that an elf (or friend of elves) is in trouble.”

She paused while Felanar absorbed this idea, and then continued, “Do not think it will be less useful in your land. Though you know it not, our people are in most lands, including around your Lake Brindle – nay, do not be surprised, for it is even so. You will never see or hear an elf if we do not wish it so, and in other lands we rarely wish it so. But we are there, though not in as many numbers as on this side of the Straits, or as in the days of old. May this gift prove a remembrance of your visit to Elaria, and not a gift needed, but should the need arise, you now have the means. But I caution you not to use it casually, for an elf will respond even if it is blown in jest and will not be pleased to have been summoned by a prank.”

Despite her earlier warning, Felanar bowed deeply and said he was honored by such a gift and that he would not use it in vain. He straightened up and once again looking into her eyes he said, “You are welcome at our home and would be an honored guest.”

Alessa smiled and thanked the boy. “You will find two horns in there, Felanar, for you have often spoken of your sister Kara and the need to bring her a present back. As she seems to be an elf-lover as well, I present her with her own horn. Let her treasure it until such time as she can visit us and see the beauty of Elaria for herself, for through your eyes, wondrous though your skills of description might be, she will never know the true majesty of our world until she sees it for herself.”

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