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6: Assassins From Shanaar - Part Ten

The young man by the fire, having had quite a bit to drink by now, laughed long and loud at this. “No name and no description other than a fishing family in these parts! That will narrow your search, for a certainty.” He chuckled to himself and had another drink.

“Oh, we have a description. The old man couldn’t think of the name, but he knew what they looked like. Said it was a middle-aged man of dark hair with a wife who has blonde hair. Three children, all grown now, two boys and a girl. Girl with hair of gold, boys with dark hair. Oldest boy married. That was all he knew, but it should give us a good start.”

“Aye, that’s a start at that,” said the old farmer as he tried to think of families that fit the description.

The man across the room said, “What about Terman and his family. That fits, don’t it?”

“No, Terman’s wife has red hair.” The young man by the fire stared at the man across the room. “Besides, they’ve got four children, not three.”

“Ah, so they do,” said the man as he turned his attention back to his roast beef.

The locals began arguing among themselves as to who this could possibly be. As they did, the innkeeper came a little closer. He had been listening with interest, but not due to the subject. He had been one of those who had looked at the strangers suspiciously, and his look had not changed. Finally the short assassin caught his glance and waved at him in a friendly manner. The innkeeper didn’t change expression but crept closer, still staring hard at the two men. He now spoke up, addressing a man sitting in the corner who had also been watching the two men.

“Hey, Feld, what do you think of this story?

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