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5: Elaria - Part Fourteen

“Please do not be offended by what I say, for it is the truth, or so I have been told. I know little of men other than what I am told by Findára and they often tell what they tell in order to prove a point.” She glanced over at her brother in saying this last remark. Turning back to the boy she continued, “Felanar, we, that is the Findára, were the first to arrive in the world, save the animals. As a result, elves had no one to associate with, other than nature, and so we became friends with nature. It is a distinct advantage we hold over all other kinds. Indeed, it is no secret, but we rarely find those who wish to learn the ways of the elves. Dwarves proved too interested in the ways of the mountains and cared little for what the elves hold so dear, the green hills and trees and water. Men then came along and seemed only interested in holding power over other men, or animals.”

With that her her brows furrowed and she stared off into the distance. Seeing Felanar wondering at Alessa’s reaction, Dalonír said, “Do not worry, she just feels anger toward those who would harm nature for she carries from our kind the love of the world and in her it is deep.”

Alessa had composed herself and once again smiled as she continued. “You ask how we can walk and not make a sound. It is because there is no sound to make. We are nature and nature exists in us. We do not walk on ground but become the ground as we walk. I could make a noise when I walk but I would do so only for the joy of hearing sound. Unless you can learn to understand the world as the world understands itself, you can never equal the ways of an elf. Therein lies our power.” Her eyes seemed to focus far away and in barely a whisper she added, “And our weakness.”

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