Book 001: Day 012

Looking around the barn, Noah saw the only home he had ever known engulfed in vicious flames.Wide-eyed and in awe of the sight, Noah forgot everything else and stepped from behind the barn, unable to process what was in front of him. The home would not survive and all he owned, all he had ever known was gone under the overwhelming power of the fire.

Sunddenly falling from the trees above him another fell to earth in front of him. This time, however, the term giant truly did apply. This one was not wearing black tattered robesand instead of being tall and gangly looking, he was big and as muscular as a oak tree. Noah looked up at the man who was at least nine feet tall and saw that every part of his body, fromneck to his legs, was rippling with highly developed muscles. He wore a treamendous breastplate and armour on his knees, shins and elbows which reflected the small amount of sunlight that broke through the cloud of smoke.

What Noah could not take his eyes off of was not the mirror polished armor or the giant sword the man was carrying, but thew two enormous white wings that stretched for several feet and looked as powerful as any other part of his body. Each wing was as long as the man was tall and folded high above his head.

Looking into the strangers' face Noah saw that his coloring took on a golden hue and he had long, flowing hair white hair. The man had to be the most frightening, yet beautiful things Noah had ever seen. Noah was unable to move as the giant reached out for him, and was shocked when a look of pain crossed the giant man's face. With a single flap of his wings he suddenly shot straight into the with highly developed muscles. He wore a tremendous breastplate and armor on his knees, shins, and elbows which reflected the small amount of sunlight that broke through the cloud of smoke..e..

Noah looked and saw his father standing behind where the giant had been with a small ax in his hand. It was dripping with blood.

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