Book 001: Day 014

The men and the giants continued to fight all around him, but Noah fought against the emotional and physical pain to stand up and walk a few paces before falling to his knees. Completely spent, Noah sat on the ground and looked at the nightmare being played out in front of him.

He watched his home burn with a furious intensity, helpless to do anything about it. The flames violated his home from roof to porch, sweeping through every corner unhindered. Generations of memories, hopes, and dreams of his family destroyed for all time as if they had never existed. Noah sat and cried as he watched in disbelief of the destruction of everything he ever held dear. He looked at the large planks of wood that crisscrossed in front of the door made from broken fragments from the collapsed roof where he last saw his parents.

Noah wanted to stand. He wanted to be able to run into the house and find his parents regardless of the danger. However, his body had shut down and he was completely hollowed out physically and emotionally. As if a strong breeze could break him apart and carry him off into the wind. He could not get over how hard he had tried to get down the mountain and to reach his mother in time only to arrive in time to see her die. If only had been stronger, he would not find himself sitting helpless only a few yards from the door.

Noah looked around the clearing and to his surprise, none of the men or giants were anywhere to be seen. Their sudden arrival was only surpassed by their sudden exit. Several of the men that had fallen during the fight surrounded Noah and their lifeless eyes now stared forward, unwavering and cold.

Noah slumped to the ground and finally gave in to the blackness. It did not come as quickly as he had expected, so he simply looked up at the sky and watched the thick black, yellow, and gray smoke force itself into the heavens.

Noah could feel his arm and legs going numb and a coldness overtaking his entire body. He wondered if this was what death felt like. Knowing the blackness would taking him completely soon he waited patiently, welcome the inevitable. The coldness started at his feet and began climbing up his ankles and then past his knees. When the coldness hit his chest he knew his heart would fail and that he would die in front of his home, alone. He was no longer afraid, he simply wanted it all to end and smiled slightly when the thick dark blackness overtook him.

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