• Michelle Fix

Chapter 1 - Boston Hostess

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

“Hello, hello, ladies!” chirped Sandra Brahmin, hostess of the Boston Alba Bianchi trunk show, as she poked her head through the archway. She was carrying an antique, etched silver tray of sparkling water and crystal glassware into the well-appointed room which she placed on the carved walnut side table. “Can I interest you ladies in a beverage? I have sparkling and flat waters plus a little prosecco in case you want to lighten your afternoon!”

“I really have to get back to the office. Sandra, thank you so much for hosting all of us. The trunk show has been so enjoyable and it’s wonderful to see you again. Been too long.”

“Great to see you, Roberta. Send Richard our good wishes and we really must do dinner at some point. You didn’t get a chance to see the gardens on the roof - we won the Emerald Necklace raffle and had them redone.”

“Dinner would be lovely. Text me or call my office and we’ll get it arranged. Rich loves eating outdoors - makes the wine taste better. Since he’s the oenophile of the family, I’ll trust that to be true!”

Roberta turned to Alba, “Grazie, Alba. The clothes are beautiful. I’m so excited to get my order,” she paused and looked right at Alba laughing, “but no sparkle buttons! I need these clothes for the office so please use the regular buttons we picked out - and AGREED upon…..per favore!” She referred to her Blackberry while gathering her turquoise Hermes Kelly bag and printed Hermes scarf from the settee covered in a tufted Botany Bay fabric of rich, exotic birds and florals on a black background from Iris Apfel’s textile company, Old World Weavers. Sandra had impeccable taste and each piece was gorgeously appointed.

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