• Michelle Fix

Chapter 2 - Dress-maker

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

“Per favore bring me the headers for next season’s deliveries. I want to look at those too.”

“Not the rejects, the leftovers, the cancelled orders? Oh, la, la, la! The new headers?! Ah! This is the movement you have been anticipating? So….she moved?”

“Si, she moved! I have an investor, Rodolfo.”

“I’m so happy for you! Alba, this is what you have been striving for. It’s your dream for moving out of this business.”

“Yes, it is. I can already dream it in my eyes - in the next five years, I will have a place to myself in Manarola, over-looking the beautiful Ligurian Sea, my favorite.”

“That will be the life you have wished for, Alba. And you deserve it. So much sacrifice for your family and for your work. It’s your time.”

“Sono d’accordo, Rodolfo. Sono d’accordo!”

Alba departed the store feeling as if she were walking on cloud nine. She inhaled deeply of the crisp Florentine air and headed up to Abbracci Tessuti, which was next on the list. Caterina would be so surprised to hear she would be looking at the very high end silks that were always too expensive for her. In fact, she may just ask for the couture level silks since Caterina could be a little snippy and one time referred to Alba as a dress-maker. Dress-maker, eh? Well, we’ll see how many Alba Bianchi dresses will be sold at Luisa via Roma. Then who is a “dress-maker”?

She could barely wait to end her tour of suppliers at Passamaneria Tossignano where she could finally look at the Scalamandre trims. They were exquisite but always just out of reach. Not any more! This was going to be a very fun journey around the city today and soon her forays into the market would include visits to the Monastery of Santa Croce, where Florence’s school of leather, the Scuola del Cuoio was located, and to the celebrated workshop of Pierotucci, which produces for Valentino and Fratelli Rossetti. Very soon, they would be producing for Alba Bianchi as well.

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