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Chapter 2 - Interview

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Alba ushered Gloria and Francesca down towards the atelier and motioned for Giulia to move into the showroom, across from the spiral staircase that led to the workshop itself. She would’ve preferred that Gloria had brought Giulia into her office for the interview but since that plan was ruined by their little tour, Alba would have to modify her thought process.

“Giulia! So happy to make your acquaintance. I am hoping my mother and Gloria kept you informed and entertained during my absence. I apologize that I was not here as early as your arrival.”

“Mrs. Bianchi, I am honored to have the privilege of an interview. I have seen your designs in the small shop on Via ‘de Tornabuoni for some times now and I’m mesmerized by their beauty.”

“Grazie, Giulia. That is very kind of you. Now, let me refresh my memory of your experience. Do you have a resume with you?”

Though most people did an interview process at this point by reviewing a LinkedIn profile or a website or pulling up an emailed version of a resume, Alba was old school. She didn’t really trust or like technology and preferred written papers, notes, even finances. It was much more comfortable for her to have a page in hand. Luckily, Giulia came prepared and handed her a copy of her resume for Alba’s review.

During the silence, as Alba was taking in her education and qualifications, Giulia looked around the room. It felt quite old and stuffy. She’d definitely need to make some changes with respect to how the collection was merchandised and sold. This wasn’t modern at all. Alba’s designs were actually not bad - some of them - but the way in which they were presented made the collection seem like it was sold on the Isle of Capri in 1972…..but maybe that was intentional.

“So, Giulia. I see you have no experience with Alta Mood couture collections. What makes you think that you can be a part of my family?”

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