• Michelle Fix

Chapter 2 - Via de' Tornabuoni

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Alba looked at her phone as she entered the door to the entrance of the atelier. Ten minutes to spare! She had cut it close with this morning’s errands and would barely have time to compose herself for the scheduled interview. She placed her handbag and jacket onto the settee adjacent to the ornate metal door that opened onto the tiled entry of the building. Across from the seating area was an arched doorway into a small showroom, which was used for private sales of the collections.

Alba had previously shared a space with a jewelry designer on the famous Via de’ Tornabuoni which runs the length between the Piazza deli Antinori and Ponte Santa Trinita - the bridge most near the new atelier location. All of the luxury designers and boutiques are represented there from Bulgari to Gucci to Saint Laurent. It had been perfect but the new atelier allowed her to use the front of the first floor as her store location without being on a busy street. Since most of her business at this point was by appointment, it worked out beautifully and she didn’t need the hassle of tourists who could not afford her bespoke designs.

A quick check in the mirror of the guest bathroom across from the showroom to reapply lipstick and recoiffe and she’d be presentable. Appearance was everything to Alba. She believed you should respect yourself and others enough to keep your body in good condition, have your hair and nails done regularly, and never be seen without full make-up.

As she adjusted herself for the interview, she shouted from the bathroom door to the stairwell heading to the sewing and cutting room, “Mama! Mama! I’m back. Where is Gloria? I need to speak with her.”

Alba was met with silence. She looked at her phone again, it was almost 2pm.

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