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Chapter 3 - Conference room

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Chiara returned to the back office, rolling her eyes the entire way. She made eye contact with Clara, who had come out of her alterations space to see what was going on. Chiara motioned to Clara that there was a visitor in the next room - it was Roberta’s sister. Clara nodded and then barreled right past Chiara - as she waved Clara back - and approached Paola and Melanie.

“Miss Melanie! I am Clara. I make the alterations on the clothes.”

“Clara, very nice to meet you. Roberta has told me you are an absolute magician with the clothing. She’s never seen such good seamstress work.”

“Thank you, Miss Melanie. Roberta is a smart lady so I believe what she says.”

Everyone laughed at the unexpected reply from Clara as she continued. “Miss Roberta said that you are going to help us and I have some things I want to talk with you.”

“Of course, Clara. I’m happy to speak with you about the alterations department.”

“Is about other things too.”

“Okay, we can discuss whatever you’d like to discuss.”

Paola watched this exchange with horror. She was managing the time-consuming disaster that was Clara and if Clara thought she was going to complain about her to Melanie, well she had another think coming.

“While we’re making impromptu introductions, Melanie, this is my assistant, Chiara. She manages the flow of orders from the trunk show and all customer service as well as Skyping with Italy about any issues regarding deliveries. And she organizes the office supplies.”

“Well, that seems like a full plate. Nice to meet you, Chiara.”

“I’m pleased to meet you Melanie. What a lovely surprise to know another one of Roberta’s family. I speak with some of you on the phone from Brookline and everyone is so nice.”

“What a lovely thing to say. We’re a lucky crew for sure! I’d love to meet with you today as well, Chiara. Do you have some time say about 5pm?”

“Yes, I will be ready.”

Paola thought her head was going to explode. Who was this woman and what did she think she was doing? Paola was General Sales Manager - their title for her - and in charge of the Salon and trunk shows. This was really stepping on her toes and she did not like it.

“Paola - can we meet now? I’m just going to use the restroom quickly. I saw there is a conference room on the floor below us across from the Salon. Is that for our use as well?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Great. We can meet there. I’ll only be a few minutes.”

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