• Michelle Fix

Chapter 3 - Meredith

Then there was Meredith. Roberta’s niece was there to set up the salon and manage it. She was a very nice - you could legitimately call her lovely - person but zero experience. No fashion background. No retail background. Not even any sales background. She had just left a position at Morgan Stanley as a second year associate working in technology futures. Had some type of anxiety attack or something and needed some time off so the family thought this would be a good fit until she could determine what she wants to do next. Oh, to have such a support system. Paola came to the States on her own at age eighteen and clawed her way to Madison Avenue twenty years ago. She’d been holding on ever since.

Thus far, Meredith wasn’t around much so Paola didn’t really have to deal with her. She came in every day around 10:30 and would frequently leave notes that she’d be “at lunch” downtown - once a week if not more. How many lunches can you have downtown? Paola thought it was probably therapy appointments, or self-help of some sort, if you will, as she’d sometimes return smelling like booze. Not much help to be honest, especially since she usually left around 4pm, but Paola enjoyed the company when she was there.

Meredith had gone to Princeton and had been very active in sorority life so her friend group was quite influential. She could get access to some nice organizations for Alba, like The Princeton Club in New York, the Japan Society - since she’d spent a semester abroad at the University of Tokyo - or Verdura jewelry. Meredith’s college roommate was the CEO’s daughter. It was all about the connections, not the expertise as Paola would discover with many things related to Alba Bianchi.

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