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Chapter 3 - Legal pad

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Melanie sat down and motioned for Paola to do the same. Paola gripped one of the mahogany conference room chairs and pulled it out from the table. The leg got caught on the carpet fibers and wouldn’t move smoothly. Of course, thought Paola. This is exactly how things are going to go from here. After positioning her chair and sitting down, Melanie smiled and said “You wouldn’t have any notebooks and pens in here, would you?”

It just so happened that Alba had had Chiara stock one of the drawers for just this purpose.

“Do you want a legal sized pad or one of the smaller ones?”, she asked Melanie.

“A legal pad would be great. Black ink pen if you have it.”

“We have both.”

Paola returned to the table with two notepads and two pens - black for Melanie and blue for herself, which did not go unnoticed by Melanie.

“Roberta wanted me to go over some Michael Kors protocols that I had implemented during my time there as Senior Vice President of Retail. Both she and I think there is an opportunity to formalize and codify the sales process - and other operational functions, but we’ll start with sales - for the Alba Bianchi Alta Moda brand. Right now, Alba is still functioning as if we will be doing trunk shows from city to city as usual and has not really been sharing any information with the New York office.”

Paola interjected, “It has only been one month. Alba will need time to adjust, no?”

“Of course! There is no rush per se, but with the trunk shows coming up in July, it’s a good time to implement some of the procedures that might make things go smoother.”

“Trunk shows? I am only aware of a show in Newport that we’ll do in early July.”

“Roberta has decided to host a show at her home on Fishers Island as well. That will be in mid- to late July and will be for immediates. We want to establish a way in which people can impulse shop and get something on a cash & carry basis. It works really well in retail and I think it will do so here as well. With all of the samples that remain after the trunk shows, there is plenty of available inventory to sell off, don’t you think?”

“Yes, of course. Alba seems to have quite a few samples at the Florentine atelier as well. Maybe we could use those?”

“She’s bringing them with her!”

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