• Michelle Fix

Chapter 3 - Melanie

This was the second time that Paola had had to suggest bringing Perla in to help Clara and Clara did not like it at all. There were many seamstresses in the city and they all seemed to know one another so having another woman come over to assist you with the most basic job would not have looked good for Clara and she knew it.

Paola dashed back to the front room on the third floor as the phone started to ring insistently. There were rarely people here except for short appointments and the phone rang so infrequently that if no one answered, it looked very bad.

“Alba Bianchi Alta Moda, Paola speaking.”

“Paola! It’s Roberta!”

“Hello, Roberta - so good to hear from you.”

“I wanted to check in and see how things are going with Clara. I know it’s only been a few weeks, but with so many alterations that we got from Italy from the past trunk shows, I’m hoping that things are moving along quickly. Seemed like many of them were just hems and sleeves so that shouldn’t take much, right? Is she managing?”

Paola hesitated for a moment as she wasn’t yet sure how to play this. She’d made mistakes in the past with being too forthright and honest at a new employers and it didn’t go well for her. If Clara was going to fail, Paola would let her dig her own grave.

“Oh, Clara is great! Everything is going very well and she’s finishing up Tootie Campbell’s order now. In fact, we were just reviewing the alterations for the day.”

“Oh, that’s great! I was going to have Melanie work with you on that.”

Paola thought to herself, who’s Melanie?

“Melanie? Do you mean Meredith?”

“Oh, I thought you knew Melanie!”

How would Paola know someone named Melanie when this was the first she was hearing of the woman.

“I haven’t hear the name before, is she a new client?”

“No! She is my sister and is going to help out a bit. She was a Vice President at Michael Kors and knows the industry inside and out. She was in Mexico on her honeymoon and then Wyoming to set up their new house out West for the past six weeks and finally has some time to share. I want her to work with you on establishing some processes and procedures for the salon. She’s really the best and I think you will find her so helpful.”

“That sounds like a great gift she will be offering to come and help out. I look forward to meeting her. When is she going to be here?”

“She should be there by this afternoon. Her flight landed about half an hour ago.”

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