• Michelle Fix

Chapter 3 - Operational assets

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

“Clara! Did you answer the phone yesterday?”


“You are NOT supposed to answer the phone. You know that and we’ve been over it again and again. Let the phone go to voicemail.”

“I could see was Miss Roberta’s number.”

“That doesn’t matter. DO NOT answer the phone when I’m not here.”

“Ok. Get so angry with me.”

“You didn’t bother to tell me we’d have a visitor today. What else did Roberta say on the call? What other surprises for me?”

“She just ask me to make curtains for her at Brookline house. She’s bringing fabric tomorrow.”

“What?? When does she expect you to finish them? You have a lot of important alterations to finish in the next couple of days.”

“Yes, but you tell her is good so I have the time, right?”

Paola thought her head was going to explode with anger as Clara continued to smugly grin at her while standing in the doorway to her office.

“Don’t you have alterations to finish?”

Clara’s smile widened further as she turned to amble back to her sewing machine and rack of clothes that were all in some state of disrepair or repair.

Paola grabbed her iPhone and dialed Chiara.

“It’s Paola. Where are you?”

“I’m still at the post office. The line is very, very long.”

“Well, hurry up and get back to the office. Roberta’s sister is arriving this afternoon and you need to organize some things. Just drop the postcards in a bin and leave.”

“Half of them don’t have postage. That’s why you sent me here.”

“Well, hurry up!”

Paola didn’t wait for Chiara’s reply as she hung up and turned to her calendar. What “operational assets” was Roberta even talking about? When she interviewed with Roberta and Alba for the job, they told her to call her clients and get them in to see the samples and that she’d be organizing trunk shows with Chiara’s help. “Operational assets”?? Good God.

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