• Michelle Fix

Chapter 3 - Visit

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

What?! This afternoon?? If there was one thing that Paola did not like, it was being ambushed.

“Oh! This afternoon? It’s lucky we don’t have any appointments today so we can welcome her.”

“I spoke with Clara yesterday to see if there was anyone coming in and she said the calendar was clear.”

“Oh, great! That’s good to know. Well, should I run out and get anything for her? We have coffee and tea but no milk.”

“No need, Paola. Melanie is a work horse. She’ll want to get right into understanding what and who you know, how you envision growing the business, and what operational assets you have already implemented. I think preparing for that would suffice.”

“Sounds good, Roberta. Will you be here too?”

“I’m coming into the city later tonight and thought we could all have breakfast tomorrow at my hotel and then head over to the salon and loop Meredith, Chiara, and Clara into the meeting. Does 8:30am work for you?”

“Yes, that works. Which hotel?”

“The Lowell, which is only two blocks away.”

“I know it.”

“Great. We’ll see you tomorrow and you can fill me in on how things go with Melanie this afternoon. Ciao!”

“Ciao, Roberta.”

Paola looked up to see Clara standing in the doorway with a smug grin on her face.

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