• Michelle Fix

Chapter 3 - Water

The security camera was fuzzy, but you could see Melanie was a slightly darker version of Roberta. Her hair was a medium brown in color and she was a little bit bigger. As Paola buzzed her in she thought to herself, ‘Well, here goes’.


“Hi! Paola, it’s Melanie!”

“I’m buzzing you in.”

She pressed the buzzer and motioned to Chiara to straighten the empty desk in the vestibule area in case Melanie might want to use a computer.

It was becoming clear now why there was an empty desk near to Chiara and why Meredith chose to sit in the back room near Clara - well, that and the fact that Paola found two bottles of wine in the desk drawer. Easier to day drink if you’re not sitting in front of the entryway stairs.

Paola dashed to the bathroom for one last look to ensure she didn’t have lipstick her teeth and that her hair looked good. While in there, she quickly washed her glasses and exited just as Melanie was arriving at the top of the stairs with her luggage.

“Oh! I’m so sorry, I didn’t notice that you had luggage with you. You should’ve said something, I would have had Chiara go down and help you up with it.”

“Oh, don’t even think about it. I’m fine. Keeps me in shape!,” responded Melanie as she moved her suitcase over by the empty desk. She had clearly already been told that it would be available for her.

“If you have some water, though, I will take some. Planes are alywas so drying and they never seem to give you enough water in-flight.”

“Of course!”

Paola looked over towards Chiara who was sitting there doing something on her computer and not paying any attention at all.


She looked up quickly.

“Could you please get a bottle of water for Melanie?”

Chiara passed them both as she went to the small fridge in Meredith’s office, which was stocked with small San Pellegrino and Poland Springs bottles. Chiara returned with one bottle.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like a bottle too please.”

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