• Michelle Fix

Chapter 4 - Almandola

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

“Josh! Josh! Can you come in here for a minute?”

Roberta scrolled through her Alba Bianchi Global folder opening file after file looking for the expenses she had requested from Alba. In forming the partnership, they had determined that each would provide - and own - 50% of the company. Both had put $1.5 million into a new business account registered in the great state of Delaware - friend to corporations everywhere. It was not quite as good as the Bahamas, but you could certainly stay rich if you started rich, by doing business based out of that little gem of a state.

“Yes, Roberta,” said Josh as he came to the frame of the open door and leaned against it.

“I can’t find the updated financials from Florence. Did you integrate those into the new company documents?”

“Not yet. The information that Alba’s brother sent was woefully uninformative. They were missing cost bases for almost every category of raw materials as well as expenses for most of the trunk show set up and travel. We also didn’t get a copy of the signed lease for the atelier. As soon as they send all of that, I can update the information.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that?”

“I sent an email about it earlier this week.”

“Well, if I don’t respond to something within a day, please send a reminder. We’ve got to get the next trunk shows scheduled and it’s important to understand where Alba’s company was so that we can get it to the next level. I really think that she can be the next Michael Kors, Josh. Melanie isn’t so sure, but I’m very confident that this investment is going to pay off big. No one thought that yoga pants would take off like they did but Almandola sure proved them wrong as I and the other board members predicted.”

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