• Michelle Fix

Chapter 4 - Blind-sided

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

“Chiara! Come look at this!”

Chiara rolled her eyes, got up from her desk, and went into Paola’s office for the fourth time already that morning. Not even 10am and she’d been bellowed at four times.

“Who’s Sheila?” inquired Paola as she pointed at her monitor.

“She works for Roberta and Rich at the Brookline house.”

“Why is she sending me an email about KPIs?”

“How would I know?”

Paola shot a withering glance at Chiara. “I’m getting crap from everyone, I don’t need attitude from you too. When is Meredith coming in?”

“She has an appointment downtown.”

“Of course she does! Is Sheila related to the family too? Or just an employee?”

“She and her husband manage the personal business and properties for the Andrews. I’ve spoken with Sheila before about setting up AB.”

“Why didn’t you mention her? Is there anyone else who is going to pop out of the woodwork as part of the ’team’ that I am completely in the dark about? I HATE being blind-sided by stuff like this. Such a lack of communication.”

“I don’t know. I find out the same way you’re finding out.”

Paola turned from Chiara who rolled her eyes and returned to her desk. Only one month and already she had had it with Paola.

Closing the KPI email, Paola told herself she’d deal with it later as she was not in the mood. There was a Newport trunk show to continue setting up and Alba would be in New York within the next two weeks for the show and meetings. She’d talk to her about all of this managing and monitoring by random people from Brookline.

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