• Michelle Fix

Chapter 4 - Blind-sided AGAIN

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

“I completely understand, Andrea. Yes. The 18th thru half day on the 21st. Got it. My apologies for sending a draft with incorrect information. I wasn’t copied on the initial emails and found out today.”

There was a short pause and Andrea said “Well, it’s a bit odd you discover your error on the day we have a call scheduled. I noticed it immediately.”

“I can see how it is coincidental. Alba emailed me the information this morning so I was very late in getting the update.”

“Why don’t you simply correct it and send me an update and we can continue the call when I have good information.”

“We can still discuss which pieces to…..

“Chiara has photos of my house from last year.”

Paola had to maintain a neutral gaze though she was seething. Blind-sided yet AGAIN!!! The communication in this place was horrific with only four people here most of the time. It could only go downhill with Melanie in the picture. Paola composed herself and responded, “Oh. Well, then, I’ll speak with her.”

“I suggest you do. Have a good day and I’ll email when I’m next available to Skype.”

Andrea disconnected the call before Paola even had the chance to thank her and say good-bye. But the bigBlind-sided yet AGAIN!!!!

After a morning of miscommunications, secret discussions, and bad info….Paola needed to get some air. She grabbed her vintage quilted Chanel handbag, breezed by Chiara’s desk and headed down the stairs.

“Where are you going?”


“For how long?”

“I don’t know.”

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