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Chapter 4 - CHAD

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

But Mrs. Lewis. She was a pain. She kept telling Clara that she just wanted her to do what she said she’d do and was consistently disappointed that Clara didn’t follow through correctly. Not true! Clara did do the alterations jobs right. However you looked at things, Mrs. Lewis was making it very difficult for Clara to keep her other clients. She headed the New Yorkers for Children Society and everyone wanted to be on her good side. She was very influential and if she decided she didn’t like someone, then everyone else had to dislike them as well or suffer the repercussions of getting added to Mrs. Lewis’ blacklist - which was quite long.

It could take years to get off that list. Mrs. Lewis was well-known for her vindictiveness and passive aggressive ways. About five years ago, this younger socialite - a second wife who replaced Mrs. Lewis’ best friend, both to be unnamed - tried to start her own charity organization supporting the under-served children of Harlem in partnership with East Harlem Homework Support Program. She called it Children of Harlem Applied Development. That did NOT go well. Mrs. Nancy Howser - the New York trunk show hostess - already had a relationship with a competing Harlem organization that her daughter, Lauren Silver, had taken over about five years prior. Nancy and Lauren had turned Harlem Murray Children’s Aid Organization into a powerhouse in North Manhattan and it was one of Mrs. Lewis’ favorite charities - outside of the ones that she chaired, of course.

Everyone RSVP’d to Elena’s first event and then didn’t show up. She spent months working with the talented and in-demand event and floral designer Preston Bailey on a gorgeous, sumptuous cocktail party at the Four Seasons - the theme was based around the great libraries of the world and Preston had worked his magic, transforming the room into a magical flowerscape of books and imagination. Unfortunately, the handful of elegantly attired guests who were friends of Elena, milled around in their Gucci, Dior, and Chanel cocktail dresses for as long as they could sipping white wine and nibbling bite-size tuna tartare hors d’oeuvre before they slowly siphoned out of the room, one by one.

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