• Michelle Fix

Chapter 4 - Chiara and Clara

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

With Chiara, Clara seemed to watch what she said so that she’d continue doing all of Clara’s insurance, tax, and human resources paperwork for her. Since Chiara spoke her native Italian plus English and Spanish, she could translate for Clara who spoke her native Spanish more often than not and didn’t really want to improve - or have people think she improved - her English. Clara was clever and realized it was better that everyone think she didn’t speak as well as she did so she didn’t have to do things she didn’t want to do or could claim that she didn’t understand something when she made a mistake. And as Chiara had come to notice, Clara made a lot of mistakes - not because she couldn’t understand but because she absolutely did not pay attention. She was like a child, always looking at something else or starting up a conversation with the client in the middle of a fitting and then getting lost in the conversation and completely abandoning her work. Chiara was always having to monitor what Clara was doing, which was exhausting.

As their laughter subsided, Chiara paused to look at the calendar. While scooping up her long auburn hair into a high ponytail, she said “Tootie Campbell coming this afternoon. You know, she is going to be trouble again if those pants are not right and if she’s not happy, Melanie will tell us again how they did it at Michael Kors and how wonderful everyone was. I’m tired of hearing that. Are the pants done right?”

“Si, si, si. I’ve done. They’re good.”

“You’re sure there won’t be any problems? Maybe I should look at them.”

“No need to look, Chiara. Believe me. Pants are good.”

Chiara took in the full picture of Clara with her messy brown hair that needed some color, the askew glasses, her ill-fitting stretch pants with elastic waist and short-sleeved black blouse with small floral print that didn’t quite meet the waistband in the front, stretched out ballet flats and thought……how is this woman a seamstress.

“Let’s go look at the alterations rack together, Clara.”

“Oh. Okay. Okay,” said Clara begrudgingly.

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