• Michelle Fix

Chapter 4 - Clara

Chiara glanced over to see Clara standing in the doorway, her rotund frame shaking with suppressed laughter. Once Paola was far enough down the stairs, she let out a huge guffaw.

“She so mad with you!”

“I don’t care. She is always mad with everything so what difference does it make?”

“No difference. No difference to her. But for me, is funny!,” Clara said while wiping tears of laughter from beneath her glasses.

“Si, it’s funny,” Chiara agreed and started laughing herself. Every once in a while, Chiara would connect with Clara, even though there was a 30 year age difference between them, Clara was married and lived in Queens with her husband, their basset hound, two cousins (one who whom was also married), while Chiara was single and lived in Williamsburg with her adored black cat, Panthere.

When she was paying attention and not futzing about with who knows what, Clara could be very insightful and had made some cutting remarks about everyone involved with Alba Bianchi Global. Clara is the one who discovered Meredith is a day drinker. She just could not leave a desk drawer closed and was always rooting around, so she found bottles of open and unopened wines behind some files in Meredith’s desk.

She went right to the core of Alba when she met her and pulled Chiara aside to note that Alba had crazy eyes and was all about money, money, money. Clara said she could smell it. One of her aunt’s in Peru was the same way.

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