• Michelle Fix

Chapter 4 - Flow

What the hell?? It was June 30th already. Why did it take over two weeks to get this information? The invitation would have to completely be changed, which was probably what Andrea wanted to speak about. Paola had sent it with the original dates - July 11 to 15 for the half day on Saturday that Alba and she spoke about.

“Chiara! When is the Newport trunk show?”

“July 18th until the 21st but only half a day on Saturday.”

Paola was fuming. If smoke could literally come out of a person’s ears, it would have been. She slowly arose and very pointedly walked out of her office to Chiara’s desk.

“So…..the dates changed?”

“Alba called me - it didn’t work for Andrea.”

“Yet we sent an invitation to Andrea to proof with the original dates.”

“Did you send that? I didn’t get a copy.”

“Why would I copy you when you knew I was sending it out?!!”

“If you had copied me, I could’ve told you the dates were wrong.”

“You should have told me about the change of dates the minute you and Alba spoke about it. This is not a good flow of communication, Chiara!”

“Well, it’s not my fault if Alba talks to me and not to you. Maybe you should work on that relationship considering it’s only been a month.”

Paola abruptly turned and stomped the six paces back to her desk, then turned around and closed the door, something she’d never done before…..even when on the phone for her follow-up mammogram appointments. She was furious.

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