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Chapter 4 - Mrs. Jordan

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

By all accounts, it was a total flop and complete embarrassment. Patrick McMullen had to take so many photos of the wait staff they could use them for headshots. The NY Post had a field day with describing an empty room and Bill Cunningham didn’t even bother to include any photos in his nightly social event wrap-up for the Times. Children of Harlem Applied Development. Really? It did not go unnoticed that it spelled CHAD - her husband’s nickname. Elena was devastated and got the message loud and clear - you are not part of this group, you upstart. But she was persistent. Even though Elena and her husband, Chadwick, had to write a $50,000 check themselves to cover the event’s donation, CHAD was far from a dead in the water.

Thank heavens Clara had Mrs. Jordan on her side. Christine Jordan was more removed from the New York social crowd and no longer really cared who was who and running which charity or whatnot. She and Roberta played tennis together down in Jupiter, Florida and she had turned her attention to the Palm Beach Preservation Society. The machinations of female society had migrated down to Florida decades ago, but it was different. Most everyone was established. And at least there was sand, sun, water and tennis year round. It made everyone and everything more bearable.

Clara might have to reach out to Mrs. Jordan and ask her to remind Roberta what great work she does. If Clara lost this job, her husband would not be happy with her. She knew she never had issues with the quality of her work, but her big mouth and love of gossip had gotten her fired more than a few times. Hector’s patience was running out with her impetuous behavior. His cousin and cousin’s wife had just lost their jobs so were no longer able to pay their half of the mortgage on their investment house which was next door to their shared residence. She could not lose this job like she had the others.

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