• Michelle Fix

Chapter 4 - Mrs. Lewis

Well, here we go again, thought Clara. No one trusts that I do my job. And I’m good at my job. It’s Mrs. Lewis all over again. Clara’s roster of private clients had been shortening before she got this job through her client Mrs. Jordan. In the months before starting at Alba Bianchi Global, Pamela Lewis had been telling everyone in her social circles - and beyond - that Clara was not performing well. It was not true. There were a couple of mistakes, sure. But she’s human! Everyone has a bad day or forgets to do something now and then. It’s normal. Besides, it’s only clothes. It’s not like someone is going to die. Not like in her country where if you make a mistake while working for the wealthy elite, it could cost you your life. Clara was never close to being in that position, but…..she heard stories from friends who had heard about it. And the stories were scary. Now that she was in the United States, she could ignore those horrible tales, enjoy her life, make lots of money from her rich clients, and relax.

But for Mrs. Lewis a mistake became a huge ordeal. Clara thought she was too dramatic. She would enter her personal dressing room for fittings attired in a blush pink silk dressing gown embroidered with lilies-of-the-valley that she had bought in Paris, with her dyed hair swept up in a ridiculous chignon - much too youthful for her current age - and go on and on about a silk crepe pant hem and how it was crooked. Clara had to alter one pair of pants six times. It was ridiculous and she thought her eyes would stay in the back of her head, she had rolled them around so vigorously. It was so, so difficult not to just throw the pants on the ground and tell Mrs. Lewis where to put them. Mrs. Lewis was going to wear heels with the pants anyway and no one looked that closely at the bottom of a pair of pants - especially when they were black - which everyone wore. Only the family dog would notice, thought Clara. And Missy didn’t care. The thought made her chuckle to herself.

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