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Chapter 4 - Newport

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Newport only happened once a year and was usually one of the slower shows, from what Chiara told her about the previous few years. With more and more eyeballs on the salon, Paola intended to ramp this one up and really put on the turbo for the sales and implement some rules for the alterations.

Andrea Hunter - the hostess - wanted a Skype meeting in the afternoon about the invitation. Apparently, she did her own thing year after year and Paola was assuming that she didn’t want to use the one she had sent for Andrea’s review. Since the show was in early July and it was already late June, they’d need to get things going.

Paola scrolled through her emails and happened upon this.

From: Alba Bianchi

Sent: Friday, June 30, 2006 10:04 AM

To: Paola Governali

Subject: Re: Re: Newport show

Ciao, Paola

Please update the invitation and Roberta.



From: Alba Bianchi

Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2006 9:17 AM

To: Andrea Hunter

Subject: Re: Newport show

Ok Andrea is fine with me, so let’s follow these dates you suggest July 18th to 21th.



Da: Andrea Hunter

Inviato: mercoledì, giugno 14, 2006 14:34

A: Alba Bianchi

Oggetto: Re: Newport show

Really impossible for me before July 14, because I have a full house of guests that week coming for a benefit I’m running on Sat the 14th.

That’s why I was happy you suggested the following week. If you want to show on a Sat, then come Wed evening July 18 and stay til Sat July 21….same schedule that you used to have (only a week earlier). I think this is best for Betsy as well.

Ciao, Andrea

On Wed, June 14 at 8:23AM, Alba Bianchi wrote:

> Dear Andrea

>Why we don’t do the show the week before the 11- to Saturday for half a day

>What do you think?



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