• Michelle Fix

Chapter 4 - Sheila

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Roberta’s cell phone rang and she checked the number. It was Rich. She’d call him back.

“Sheila, can you come in here and help me?”

Sheila was a jack-of-all-trades whose primary job - along with her husband Dan - was managing the Andrews properties. With houses in Brookline, Napa, Florida and now possibly New York, there was a lot to maintain and manage. But she also functioned as a defacto assistant to Roberta when needed. And starting a global clothing line definitely called for additional hands on deck.

Sheila entered the office with a bounce in her step “What can I do, Roberta?”

“Get on a call with Paola and have her update you with the private appointments for the week. She keeps everything in a desk calendar and there is no visibility on what is happening in the New York Salon. I’d like to be able to track how we’re doing to see if she’s selling or just taking alterations and returns. Melanie left me with a list of KPIs that Paola should really be meeting so I need to start getting more information from her.”

“Sure. Excuse my ignorance, Roberta - but what is a KPI?

“Business speak - sorry about that! It’s a ‘key performance indicator’ like the amount of sales per week, number of calls or emails for outreach per day, average dollar value per sale, there’s all sorts of ways to measure and evaluate an employee’s work. I’ll send you the file that Melanie prepared along with the instructions she provided to get things going at the salon.”

“Sounds good!”

What the hell is this crap, thought Paola as she reviewed an email from some woman named Sheila. Sheila? Who the hell was Sheila?

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