• Michelle Fix

Chapter 4 - Vinum

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

“Yeah. Athleisure is sure the gift that keeps on giving. My fiancee is awash in yoga pants and she doesn’t even do yoga. I do.”

“We’ve got a men’s line in development so your in luck!”


“When you get the missing information, let me know. And if Bruno isn’t responsive, I’m happy to step in and speak with Alba. Let’s give them until Monday.”

“Sounds good. I have the HR documents ready for the New York space and included both part-time and full-time categories with roles and responsibilities at retail. I figured there may be a need for that near the holidays.”


“Anything else you need me to do?”

“Nope. That was it. Will you be heading out to California to close books this month?”

“Just for a few days. Rich has me managing the team developing a new wine app so I’m just going to head out to Morgan Crossing for two days.”

“You should really take your fiancee and spend a week there. It’s gorgeous country and you could work on the app out there.”

“I’ll check with Rich.”

“What’s the app called?”


“That’s not Italian.”


“Of course. I should’ve known.”

“I’m available - just let men know if you need anything more on the incoming docs.”

“Thanks, Josh.”

Josh headed back to the finance area of the Brookline office. Roberta had a space within her husband’s investment company since she was paying many of his employees to work on her projects and investments as well. In addition to starting the Alba Bianchi venture and being on the board of directors (and an initial investor) of Almandola, Roberta’s investment company Elizabeth Islands Investments was involved in a precious jewelry business, video on demand (VOD) and Pointille shoes. Josh always got the sense that Roberta was in competition with Rich, which was surprising since Rich’s company was one of the largest wealth management companies in the world with four locations. Kind of hard to compete with that.

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