• Michelle Fix

Chapter 5 - Bags of goodies

Paola heard voices in the showroom and made her way down from the offices on the third floor as Nicole headed back down to Ed’s office on the second floor to see if he needed anything.

“Melanie! So great to see you.”

“Hello, Paola! How are things going?”

“Great, thanks. Let me help you unpack those.”


They started unzipping all of the bags, revealing what appeared to be some very old Alba Bianchi pieces along with some clothes from Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors as well as some vintage pieces. There were elaborate velvet jackets with sparkly buttons and snaps all over the pieces - even what looked like the day wear items. The linings were over-the-top silk patterns and prints. The pants were all silk shantung with a center back zipper. Every last pair. Then there was white blouse after white blouse after white blouse.

“What is all of this?”, asked Paola.

“Roberta flew for a board meeting and dropped these off to the apartment and asked me to bring them over. They are some inspiration pieces for Alba’s next collection.”


“Roberta really loves some of the pieces that she bought from years ago but Alba never really offers them now. And there are some really great shirts and blouses out there. When I was at Kors that was our best-selling category so we thought it would be a good addition to the collections to start an “evergreen” portion of Alba Bianchi Classics. Something that is offered every season but in different colors or patterns or fabrics. And a woman can never have too many white blouses.”

“Oh. That is a good idea. When you find something you like, it’s great to be able to get it season after season. I started buying two pair of shoes in two different colors when I find ones I love.”

“I buy pants like that. So hard to find a good fit. You know, that’s how Armani got so big in the 90s and it’s how Incotex succeeded. Everyone I know has those pants. When they fit, they fit like a glove.”

“Is Alba going to be here soon to review these? I have her on the calendar arriving in two weeks for the New York trunk and San Francisco trunk show.”

“She’s going to be here tomorrow.”

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