• Michelle Fix

Chapter 5 - Clara!!!

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Nicole leaned back against the brick front of the townhouse and continued to leisurely smoke her half-finished cigarette as Paola went back into the building and trudged her way up the three flights of stairs to Clara’s alterations cubby.

Clara was at her sewing machine, head down, engrossed in working on Mrs. Keller’s aubergine, silk taffeta strapless dress which needed a tuck on each side and a hem.

Paola leaned against the doorframe watching her for a few seconds.


Clara didn’t look up.


She was still engrossed in her sewing and didn’t move.


Clara started, her hands jerked and she ran the dress off the table, sewing a line up the side of the skirt of the dress.

“Why you yell like that?!”, she hollered at Paola.

“You didn’t answer me so I raised my voice.”

“Not do that, Paola! I’m sewing focused. Very focused.”

“We need to talk.”

“Not now. Very busy.”

“Yes, now. Mrs. Lewis was going to return everything that she bought at the trunk show. Everything, Clara.”

Clara continued sewing without making eye contact.

“You absolutely HAVE to do what you are told. Do you understand me?”

Clara maintained her silence and continued to sew.

Paola knew at that moment that she was dealing with a truculent child masquerading as an adult woman. So, she pulled the plug on the machine. Literally. Clara lost it.

“What you doing??

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