• Michelle Fix

Chapter 5 - Ed

As Paola went upstairs to get something to write with, Melanie zipped up the jacket into one of the now empty garment bags.

She could hear Paola coming down the stairs, “Okay. Can you just tell me the name of the jacket and the size?”

“It’s Romano size 40 - I think it’s the original sample.”

“Got it.”

“I’m heading over now. Will be in touch later on as I’m here for a few days as well.”

“Okay. Is there an agenda or something that someone can share with me?”

“Give Sheila a call. She’ll have everything. See you tomorrow!”

“See you tomorrow!”

Melanie headed down the stairs with the garment bag and stopped by Ed’s office, where Nicole was sitting taking notes. She quickly popped her head into his office.

“Ed! Sorry to interrupt. Just wanted to thank Nicole again for her help. Very kind of her.”

“She’s a kind person, Melanie,” Ed stated as he turned towards the doorway. “And also very helpful. It’s one of her better qualities.”

Nicole glanced up and made the please stop talking gesture at Melanie who caught it and immediately changed tactics.

“It was just a little gesture, but I wanted to let you know that you are very lucky to have such a good person on your team.”

“Thank you, Melanie. I’ll keep that in mind come bonus time,” he said with a sly smile and small chuckle.

They all laughed uncomfortably.

“Nice to see you, Ed.”

“You too, Melanie. Will we be seeing more of your pretty face?”

“I’ll be in for a few days.”

“Delighted. Looking forward.”

Melanie waved and continued down the final flight of stairs to the reception area as Ed turned to Nicole with a Cheshire cat grin on his face.

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