• Michelle Fix

Chapter 5 - Hat luncheon

Operations director? Since when was that Paola’s title? She was hired as VP of Sales. Tootie must’ve misheard Roberta.

“Okay - so can I get some details?”

“It’s the South Florida version of the Central Park Conservatory’s hat luncheon - the over-hyped luncheon if you ask me. Central Park has millions of dollars in reserve. They shouldn’t even be hosting one any more.

“I love that luncheon - always look forward to seeing Bill Cunningham’s photo in the Times. So many great hats!”

“Well, it’s time another luncheon got some love. We’re actually having the Shiny Sheet come over to photograph the event. They’re PB but Naples has a lot of crossover. The should be covering the gulf coast events too.”

“That sounds fantastic - congratulations!”

“Thank you. I’ve been pushing. And it’s working. So…..are you going to help me design this hat?”

“Well, I think Alba will design it, right? She is the designer.”

“Yes, but - don’t say anything - sometimes her things look really old and matronly. I buy things because Roberta owns the company and I want to be nice, but I only wear them when I’m going to be with other Alba clients. Otherwise, it’s Ralph and Carolina for me. Real designers.”

Paola didn’t quite know what to say to that so she ignored it completely but…..well noted.

“Okay. I guess we can give her some guidance. What type of hat were do you want?”

“Luxurious and sumptuous. It’s an auction piece so I want lots of money. Maybe fur? Or crystals? Something show stopping.”

Paola could already see the disaster this hat would be if that was the starting point.

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