• Michelle Fix

Chapter 5 - Having a smoke

Paola didn’t own any pets, but her brother bred Corgis out on Long Island and she was Auntie to the parents. Which reminded her, his birthday was this month. Or was it? With only one sibling, you’d think that would be a pretty easy thing to remember. The stress of this job was really getting to her. It wasn’t that there was so much to do, it was managing the personalities of everyone involved. So many divas.

“Did you want to talk about it or just stare off into space?”

“What? Oh. Oh. I didn’t realize.”

“Certain people push your buttons and you lose your mind on a regular basis. Ed’s wife is like that, so Rosario manages their personal affairs and I do business. His rancid drunkard of a third wife drives me up a wall.”

“Clara will not do what she’s told! AND she pretends she can’t understand English. But when Chiara and I have a conversation in my office, she can hear every word. She’s a piece of work. I’m managing a three-year old. She only does what SHE wants to do when she wants to do it. I tell her how to do things. I write them down. Chiara writes them down at the trunk shows. Then we go over them again and again. She nods. Everyone thinks it’s happening. You get the clothing back. She did what the fuck she wanted. She will not listen. She won’t do what she’s told. I think it’s pathological. ”

“That’s a problem.”

“That’s a HUGE problem when altering made-to-measure clothing.”

They both started laughing at the absurdity of it. Made-to-measure altered by someone who refused to make-to-measure. Not the best fit!

Paola took one last drag on her cigarette, put it out in the outdoor ashtray, and turned to Nicole.

“Thanks for the decompression talk. I better get upstairs and address things with Clara.”


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