• Michelle Fix

Chapter 5 - Heard on the steps

She just hoped Clara would keep quiet. She did like to run off at the mouth and loved gossip and drama. Paola hoped that this particular incident would never be mentioned again. However…..what if Clara pulled this in front of a client? That would be disastrous. She’d have to clue Chiara into goings on, if only to have her keep a closer eye on Clara when she was with clients.

As she mounted the last flight of stairs to the offices, she could hear Clara’s shaky, sobbing voice as Chiara’s responses echoed down the stairs. She retreated back down a few steps and took motionless as she overheard them.

“Don’t worry, Clara. Don’t worry about it. If Paola said she wouldn’t say anything, then she’s not going to say anything. You’ll be fine. But don’t ever do that again. Roberta already talked to you about your outbursts so you have to figure this out.”

“Si, si. Yes Mrs. I know. I know. My husband going to be angry - so angry with me.”

“Don’t say anything, Clara.”

“He know. He know when I no say things and come home sad. He know.”

“Well, then make something up. Say you fell down on the street or something. I don’t know. But be quiet about this. Do yourself a favor for once.”

Paola had heard enough. She started back up the stairs with a very heavy footfall so they’d know that she was returning. When she arrived at the top of the stairs, Chiara was at her desk on the computer and Clara was nowhere to be seen.

“So I guess there was a line at the post office?”

“Yes. It took forever,” replied Chiara.

“But you had time to stop at Butterfield’s on the way back?”

“Well, I had to get some lunch.”

“Of course, you did,” responded Paola. “I’d think that when you know you are going to be out at the post office, you’d plan better so you aren’t absent for so long a period of time. We could’ve used you back here at the office.”

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