• Michelle Fix

Chapter 5 - Laden

As Melanie made her way into the reception area of 109 Alliance, she dropped two bags. Nicole was on the phone and saw her struggling.

“Sorry, but can I call you back? Great, thanks!”

She hung up the phone and said, “Let me help with you with those,” as she crossed towards Melanie.

“Oh, Nicole! Thank you so much. These are a little heavier than I realized.”

Nicole bent down to pick up the two Melanie had dropped and took a third from her arms. She had been struggling to carry six of them on her own.

“I’ve got this one, Melanie. Just, if you can get your fingers out of the hangers……”

Melanie gingerly released her hand from the top bag as Nicole scooped it up.

“There we go.” Nicole added the third to the two she had picked up. “These are pretty heavy, Melanie. I’m surprised you were able to get them all through the door.”

“The driver helped me out of the car but had to return to Roberta’s to take her to the airport. She’s heading back to Brookline this afternoon.”

“She was in town? I didn’t see her.”

“It was a day trip. She has to head back for Alex’s crew meet.”

“Oh! Right. I forget they are a rowing family.”

“Huge fans of anything on the water. The whole family. I can’t even tell you how many trophies the Gardners have. Rowing, sailing, swimming. You name it.”

“Nice. Wish my family had a legacy of some sort. Other than a lot of smokers!”

Melanie laughed and looked at her with concern as she said “Well, you can change that you know.”

“Yeah, I know. Some day.”

As they conversed, they made their way up the two flights of semi-circular stairs to the showroom of Alba Bianchi located in the 109 building.

“This is such a change from the finance bros who were here before. Nice to have some other women around,” said Nicole.

“And the pretty clothes!”

“Of course! Alba is so talented. It’s interesting to see what shows up with her each trip. I’ve gotta get back downstairs before Ed has a fit. Rosario is back in the Philippines for a few weeks so I’m doing double duty at the moment.”

“Good luck with that and thanks again, Nicole.”

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