• Michelle Fix

Chapter 5 - Sparkle buttons

“Tomorrow?! When did that change?”

“I’m not sure, but Roberta has a new consultant coming in to review the collection and speak with Alba. You’ve heard of Jeanne Lowe Adams?”

“I think so. She’s always photographed at events.”

“She’s at High Society and covers the New York celebrity and fashion scene. Roberta thinks she can help Alba clue into what younger New Yorkers wear and how to modernize the collections. Plus she can wear some of the pieces to events here in New York!”

“How exciting! Will she be here this week too?”

“Sheila has Roberta’s schedule for the coming week. I think there is a slew of meetings that will be taking place. Didn’t you get a copy of the calendar?”

“No, I didn’t actually. I’ll reach out to her so that we can be ready for everyone. I’m assuming they’ll want to use the offices and the conference room?”

“I think some of the meetings will be at the Adams Hotel….or the Campbell. I’m not sure.”

“I’ll have the conference room ready just in case.”

“That’s a good idea. And please make sure there are enough legal pads - white, not yellow - in both large and small along with the Alba Bianchi pens we ordered when the office opened.”


“Also have a tray with glasses and both sparkling and flat waters. I think we also have some AB coasters somewhere. Meredith ordered them with the business cards.”

“I haven’t seen any but I’m sure Chiara can help with that.”

“She had just started, but I’m sure she can find them. Do you mind finishing this up? I need to get to the apartment. Roberta just texted that she needs to borrow an evening jacket for later tonight.”

Melanie looked through the racks until she alighted upon a midnight nave silk charmeuse bolero jacket with sparkle buttons.

“Here it is! Can you please make a note that this is out of inventory? When Roberta comes back, we’ll replace it in the inventory.”

“Sure. Let me grab a pen and some paper.”

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