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Chapter 6 - Schedules

They were both very good clients - purchasing about $15,000 in clothing each season. They lived in different cities - Barbara in Dallas and Marion in Washington DC - which was perfect as they were able to bring lots of friends to the trunk shows. In fact, they had met and become friends ten years ago at a trunk show in Palm Beach when they had both been there for the Thanksgiving holiday. They became fast friends and had gone on a couples trip each year since then. They made the Festival of Paper Lanterns one of their stops whenever the timing worked. This year it was fortuitously timed for both the festival and a preview of Alba’s Fall Winter collection.

“Si, Alba!” Guilia responded.

“Venire qui!”

“In un minuto!”

Giulia rehung the embroidered wool jacket in mustard she had been buttoning up, stopped to straighten a photo on the wall and headed down the hallway to Alba’s office.

“Si, Alba.”

“Giulia, my travel schedule is interrupting too much creative time. I need more hours to design, to dream, to create. I cannot travel to New York for these ridiculous meetings and shows. That’s why I found an investor. That’s why there is staff in the States. Per favore, call Roberta’s assistant and Paola in New York and see what can be done.”

“Of course, Alba. Is there a better time to travel or do you want for them to find a way to work by Skype or have someone else take the responsibility.”

“Giulia. I am not abandoning my responsibility. I simply need the time and space to create. I am the only one doing the designs. I am the brand. It is Alba Bianchi on that door. It is Alba Bianchi sewn into every pieces. I cannot be bothered with administrative details.”

“Yes. That is what I meant, Alba. I did not intend any disrespect.”

Alba took an awkwardly long pause as she reviewed her computer screen and said, “Giulia. Figure this out and let me know the result.”

“Si, Alba. Right away.”

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