• Michelle Fix

Chapter 1 - Cheers to Coffee

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

“Roberta, so good to see you again. I enjoy so much our time together. I was hoping you would be free for breakfast. Very early. I have advice I need, per favore.” Alba pressed send. Never any harm in asking - if you don’t ask, the answer is no. Alba didn’t like the word “no” so she always asked. She was very, very good at making the ask by now and she got many “yes’s” from people.

Alba was already seated and had ordered a pitcher of coffee when Roberta entered the breakfast room of the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Boston. It was always easiest to meet at hotels or private clubs, as they were usually close to major businesses and always very discreet. They had to be in order to maintain the level of clientele they serviced.

“Roberta!,” Alba waved to her. Roberta waved back as she walked to the table.

“Alba! I’m so sorry I’m a little late. I texted you. My driver was sick this morning, so I had to use Rich’s and there was a bit of confusion. Anyway….I’m here!”

They greeted one another with the double kiss and took their seats.

“Thank you for ordering coffee - I haven’t had time for a cup yet today and it’s my brain fuel.”

“Is for me too. The caffeine is a miracle of God and man.”

Roberta held her cup to Alba and said, “That it is. Cheers!”

Alba clinked coffee cups with Roberta and they both laughed.

“So, Alba. What advice can I help you with?”

Just then the waitress came and took their order of a fruit plate, yogurts, and mini-muffins. UsuallyAlba only ate cereal, but when with clients in public, she would eat what they ate. She had learned from a very young age that people like to see themselves reflected in others so she used it to her advantage.

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