• Michelle Fix

Prologue - Ciao!

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

“Alba! I had no idea that you bought a winery. I’m SO excited for you. You really should’ve mentioned it when planning the party so we all could’ve made a trip out to see it. I’m sure it’s gorgeous. How much did that set you back?”

“Tootie! Really,” her husband Dick said.

“Oh, seriously. Alba doesn’t mind. I’ve heard she and Roberta share everything with one another. I’m sure it’s not a big secret.”

“There is an old Italian saying: speaking of money spoils the vine, which poisons the wine. I prefer a healthy vine.”

“Of course!” As Tootie was giving Alba her departing double-kiss on the cheeks, she spied Roberta out on the drive and waved. “Roberta! Happy Birthday again! This was so much fun. Thank you for including us. Looking forward to seeing you at brunch tomorrow. We’ll have to look for Alba’s wine and have another celebratory toast!”

Roberta threw a kiss, waved back and yelled “See you tomorrow!”

Tootie and her husband got into their car and Roberta started back towards the house. “Rich - I just want to thank Alba again for this thoughtful dinner.”

“Honey, it’s late. You’ll see her tomorrow.”

“I know but I’d just like……

Thinking better of it, she turned around and went back to the car, joining her husband and two sons.

As the hired staff departed in a slightly awkward silence, the curtains were closed on the glass-paned double doors to the garden, the cool evening breeze seeming to wish everyone well as they motored off in hired cars, dispersing to their respective hotels, apartments, and homes.

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