• Michelle Fix

Prologue - Guiliano

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

“Bradley will have to join us in that inaugural bottle. He’s taking over as president of Pope Valley and I’m sure will have some great insights to share with you. Such a lovely evening in celebration of my beautiful Roberta, Alba. Thank you on behalf of the family.” Rich gave Alba a hug and turned to his sons. “Bradley! Stephen! The car’s here.” Both young men came to the doorway in the entry vestibule, stopping to hug Alba and say their goodbyes on the way out.

“Thank you, Alba, for a lovely event,” said Stephen.

Bradley chimed in, “This was great. Mom enjoyed herself.”

“We were looking at the Renaissance portrait near the dining room and Stephen thinks he recognizes it, so we placed a little bet,” said Bradley.

“I’m pretty confident I’m right. I was here last semester studying Italian art and culture. Is it Macchietti’s portrait of Lorenzo de Medicie?”

“No, no. That’s a good guess, but it’s his brother, Guiliano. Botticelli painted him.” replied Alba.


“The younger brother who was stabbed to death in an attack. So sad. Lorenzo survived so there are more paintings of him. This one….not so many. I prefer that.”

“Looks like that C in Italian art was well-deserved,” said Bradley.

“May have gotten that wrong but remember which brother lives….”

“Yeah, whatever,” Brad held his hand out, rubbing his fingers together for the money.

“Knock it off. I’ll get you at the apartment. Thanks again, Alba.”

They departed and only a few people remained, Tootie being one of them.

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