• Michelle Fix

Chapter 1 - Have Rich Review It

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

“Give it to Rich? Why would I do that?”

“He is a very smart man. He has a good company. He is your husband. In Italy, the man will look at papers too.”

“Ah! Well, in the States, the woman can look at the papers by herself. American women don’t need a man to tell us what to do.”

“Si, si, si…..of course. It is more modern here.”

Roberta smiled and put the papers down.

“Can I keep these, Alba? I’d like to spend some more time reviewing them and then we can have a phone call. Does that sound okay?”

“Si, is, si. That would be perfetto. I will be happy to give you anything else you may need. Dante’s brother, Bruno, is my accountant and he can print out or get anything more.”

Roberta signaled for the check.

“Oh, no! It’s my thanks to you, Roberta. I have enough of your time and thank you. Please, I will pay for the breakfast.”

Roberta smiled at her while she placed the dossier in her tote bag for further review.

“Thank you, Alba. This was lovely. I hope you don’t mind, but I have a meeting to get to and see that I’ve already missed four text messages from Sherie. I drive her nuts with all of the rescheduling she needs to do for my calendar. Do you mind?”

“It’s been my privilege, Roberta. Grazie, graze mille!!”

Alba rose and gave Roberta a very warm embrace along with a double kiss good-bye. Roberta did likewise.

“Ciao, Alba! I’ll be in touch!”

“Ciao, ciao Roberta!” Alba blew a kiss and put her hands together in a symbol of gratitude, extending them towards Roberta.

As Roberta disappeared through the door and into a waiting car, Alba smiled from ear to ear and subtly clenched her fists, lying in her lap, in celebration. This had gone very, very well.

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